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About ProVas Labs

ProVas Labs was founded in 2018 with a vision of providing enhanced patient care through clinical excellence and unparalleled service. We are a privately owned and operated company with an accessible and accountable team.

Our mission is to diagnose, educate, and treat patients with arterial and venous disease through a high level of concierge style care while ensuring better patient outcomes. The team of Interventional Physicians and specialized staff at ProVas is dedicated to the care and treatment of each patient based on individual history and needs. ProVas Physicians are of the highest skill level, with decades of experience in procedures related to full-service arterial and venous therapies.

The ProVas team follows a patient-first philosophy. To ensure that every patient receives the attention they deserve, the team includes three expert physicians and two Nurse Practitioners who specialize in vascular and endovascular care. Patients can always count on getting the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments using the latest cutting-edge medical technology. The ProVas team is highly experienced in minimally invasive procedures, and they always use the most conservative and most effective treatment possible to minimize prolonged recoveries.


Our Lab Locations

Our office-based vein & vascular centers house the most advanced and innovative treatment and diagnostic imaging capabilities, allowing our patients the most comfortable, appropriate care possible with the ability to recover in their homes.


Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

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Providing the highest level of vascular care with minimally invasive treatment. 

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